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We need you now, more than ever

The health emergency has social and economic implications in the short, medium and long term. Some of these include the violation of human rights, particularly of those who are excluded from society.



  • Promote access to human rights for vulnerable families in Malinalco before the socioeconomic effects generated by the health emergency.


  • Disseminate information to help prevent or reduce health damage generated by COVID19

  • Detect damages generated by the health emergency that violate the rights of families and their members

  • Channel emergency aid (medicines and basic necessities)

  • Prevent and address situations of domestic violence that arise in the current situation

  • Mitigate adverse economic effects in the medium term

  • Ensure the right to quality education for children and youth of participating families

  • Promote the regeneration of the local economy through the development of productive projects in which members of the families of the program participate.

Taking action

  • We are working with 80 families living below the poverty line line in the municipality of Malinalco, some of whose members already participate in Imaginalco's programs.

  • Monitoring is being carried out to detect socioeconomic ill effects and emerging needs, and identify possible ways of addressing them.

Read the full program here.

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