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Imaginalco is a CSO that provides opportunities for the integral development of vulnerable children and young people in Malinalco, State of Mexico. Since 2013, we have been working through strategies that nourish care spaces, with tools and projects that allow the construction of a safer, more cohesive community with less propensity for violence and addiction.


Xoloplastics is Imaginalco’s project-school , working to generate decent jobs for young people in the community and economic resources to finance the rest of its programs, as well as actively participating in the fight against the climate crisis.

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In 2012 we planted a seed in uncertain terrain. Seven years after much irrigation in the form of love, work and learning, a tree has been formed with a solid trunk and fruits that nourish our community.
In 2019, our roots found the drive and energy to expand and today they seek to generate harvest in other territories.
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