Xoloplastics is an educational, productive and sustainable project of Imaginalco, A.C. We produce art with a positive social impact and create jobs for young people that provide them with a decent income, technical and human training.



Aside from the production and collection center, we have a sustainable training program for employment of youth. At Xoloplastics School, young people participate in a process of regularization in basic knowledge of mathematics, literacy and computers; training in techniques and materials for design, as well as marketing and sales. Through this program, we promote access to decent employment and support the development of psychosocial skills. Thus, Xoloplastics School expands the capabilities and possibilities of its participants into the future, by encouraging them to be agents of social change in the community.

Basic training

  • Basic administration training

  • Recycling and plastic knowledge

  • Reading, writing, composition, spelling

  • Computing | Office

  • Investigation

  • Social responsibility within the community

  • Sales, marketing and communication

Human development

  • Systematization of Thought (Making Thinking Visible)

  • Meditation

  • Personal image

  • Healthy routine and eating habits



  • Creativity and design

  • Materials, techniques and processes

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