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Maximum Bid

How does the maximum bid work?

  • When you bid, you write the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the work. This amount is kept hidden from other bidders.

  • The system assigns a representative who submits bids on your behalf, using only the amount necessary to maintain you as the highest bidder. The representative will bid for you up to the maximum amount you have indicated to ensure that you remain the highest bidder.

  • If another bidder submits the same or higher maximum amount, we will notify you so that you have the opportunity to bid again. Your maximum amount will remain hidden until it is exceeded by another bidder.

Here we give you an example

1. Juan places a current bid for a work of $10,000mxn. Juan is the highest bidder and places a maximum bid of $15,000mxn (he is willing to bid up to a maximum of $15,000mxn). Your maximum amount is kept hidden from other bidders.

2. Laura wants to offer $13,000mxn. The agent assigned to Juan will make an offer of $14,000mxn.

3. Laura makes a second offer of $15,000mxn. Laura is now the highest bidder.

4. We send an email to Juan informing him that he has been outbid. If you don't raise your bid, Laura will win the play.

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