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We recycle plastic and transform it into art through a youth employment training process to achieve a social and environmental impact in Mexico.  


To be leaders in the systemic transformation of the relationship between society and the environment, through art, sustainability and training for employment, promoting a more equitable and sustainable world with the capacity to financially support community educational projects.




Promote business models based on circular economy, offer new services, improve processes and be flexible in the face of changes in order to be active members of a fairer and more sustainable society. We seek not only to generate economic profitability, but also to be relevant actors in society by creating quality products and services, aimed at addressing social challenges such as unemployment and social exclusion, and environmental challenges such as the waste of resources. We are a social company, which means that the generation of our economic profits happens only when we generate value for society and for our environment.

Environmental responsibility


Generate a reflection on the effects of plastic on the local ecosystem, as well as the possibility of recycling it and transforming it into a valuable product. Promote the circular economy and raise awareness about the importance of caring for our resources.

Social Inclusion


Respect, value and consider the different perspectives, styles and needs of people in order to attract, promote the development and retain participants, clients and alliances that reflect the diversity of the community in which we operate. In turn, we promote the social inclusion of people at risk of exclusion because we understand their situation in relation to the way in which our society is organised, and not merely as a characteristic of the individual; a temporary condition or situation that we aspire to reverse by promoting the development of positive change agents in the community.

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