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At Xoloplastics we are proud to present our latest creation, design objects made with deep care and commitment to our environment. These objects are made from recycled plastic collected from the majestic mountains, winding rivers, and streets of the charming town of Malinalco, located in the Edo state of Mexico.

By choosing this product, you join us in supporting our non-profit initiative, dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and youth development in the community. Our project works tirelessly to collect discarded plastic waste, transforming it into something extraordinary and giving it a new purpose.

Each flake, each color of this product tells a story.

By incorporating Xoloplastics into your life, you become an advocate for change, a guardian of our planet.

Join us on our mission to make a difference.

Thank you for choosing Xoloplastics, where nature meets innovation and where recycled plastic tells a story of transformation.

Xoloplastics Collective

At Xoloplastics we believe in the transformative power of art and the incredible potential of young people. Our collective is made up of a group of talented young people who have faced adversity and are at risk in their lives. Through our initiative, we provide them with opportunities for growth, empowerment, and the opportunity to shape their future.

We are proud to present this exceptional collection of unique works of art, the result of the dedication and creativity of our Xoloplastics Collective. Each piece represents the culmination of extensive training and mentorship, allowing these young artists to channel their passion into extraordinary creations.

By choosing our artwork, you are not only purchasing a unique masterpiece, but you are also supporting a worthy cause. Your purchase contributes directly to the employment and advancement of these talented individuals, providing them with a pathway to a better future. Through our program, they gain valuable skills, discover their creative potential, and gain the confidence to overcome the obstacles in their lives.

Design Accesories

Our designer accessories are meticulously crafted with a passion for innovation, using recycled disused plastics from the picturesque town of Malinalco, Edo. from Mexico.

Discover a range of thoughtfully designed products that seamlessly blend functionality with art. Each item is a testament to our commitment to both aesthetic appeal and environmental awareness, and each one tells a story and carries the spirit of Malinalco.

Screenprinting Collection


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Enter the world of artistic expression and creativity with our exclusive, limited-edition screen-printed artwork.

The artists were selected by the renowned curator Mariana Garíca Bulle from Estudio Actual.

Each piece in this collection is a captivating combination of imagination, technique, and a deep appreciation for the power of visual storytelling.

These limited-edition screen-printed works of art are more than just decorations—they epitomize the power of art to transform spaces and touch the human spirit.

By purchasing one of these exclusive pieces, you join a select group of art enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty of limited editions and the unique narratives they convey.

Each work of art is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity attesting to its origin, rarity, and value as a valuable addition to your collection.

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