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Ane is a self-taught artist who, from a young age, found an escape in art and a forum in which to express her feelings, hopes and fears. She takes us into the emotional world of each of her subjects, making each painting stand out with its own individual story. Through a deep personal connection present in her compositions, she aims to stimulate the viewer's feelings and imagination and encourage them to create their own interpretation of what the art means to them.
Primarily built on an innate and instinctive foundation, Ane's compositions explore bold colours, line movement and the rawness of facial features.


Inspire Art Fair, Miami Fl, USA

Torres Bicentennial Museum, Mex,

Campo Marte, BADA Art Fair, Mex.

Cultural Center "El Refugio", Tlaquepanque, Mex.

House of Culture of Sonora, Sonora, Mex. 


La Calera Gallery, Oaxaca, Mex.

Flyer Gallery, Rome, Italy.

Shinzaburo Takeda Gallery, Oaxaca, Mex.

House of Culture Prof. Pedro Angel Palou Perez, Puebla, Mex.

Raul Anguilano House of Culture, Mexico City, Mex.

Brick Lane Gallery, Hong Kong, HK.


GAM Gallery, Mexico City, Mex.

Nock Art Gallery, Hong Kong, HK.




Lot. 03


This work was a created as a retort of the artists previews series "Camino a Mictlan" (On the way to Mictlan) Mictlan is the underworld of Aztec mythology. The series explores existential questions such as Who are we? What Are we? Why are we? Where do we do? How do we get there? In this case the artists analyse the Aztec after life in contrast to the believes of the afterlife in the traditional Chinese culture and the essence of it surrounding the Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism believes.

The utilization of the recycled plastic serves as a symbol of the re-embodiment.




Mixed media on recycled plastic


Estimate: HKD 16,000-20,000

Current Bid: HKD 13,000

"The climate change crisis that we are currently facing needs to be addressed. As visual artists we have the responsibility to ensure that art made today has a role to play in reflecting the world's current situation and generates conversations that develop awareness and critical thinking.

-Ane Alfeiran

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