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Xoloplastics® invites you to be part of our exciting initiative to create sustainable art and promote environmental change. We are looking for artists committed to sustainability and creativity to collaborate in the production of limited series of reproductions made of recycled plastic!

Artists will enter with an image that can be reproduced by Xoloplastics as a print or sculpture.

Call open until May 31, 2024.


We want to create a collection of unique works of art, produced using recycled plastic materials, that convey a message of environmental awareness and creativity. These works will be part of a limited series that will be marketed to support the financial sustainability of our project and promote the labor inclusion of young people in our community.

Who can participate?

  • Visual artists of any nationality.

  • Over 18 years.

  • Committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

  • Mexican artists who have tax registration in Mexico to receive their commission.

  • Foreign artists will receive their commission through PayPal after issuing a simple receipt.


  • Artists may apply 1 to 3 digital images for a painting or sculpture.

  • If selected, a contract will be made between the artist and Xoloplastics® guaranteeing the reproduction rights of the image and the artists will receive 30% of the sales.

  • Xoloplastics® will be responsible for the production of the plastic pieces, as well as the printing or cutting in the case of sculpture.

  • Xoloplastics® will be responsible for the sale, packaging and shipping of the works.

  • The reproductions will be sold on various platforms and on our website.

  • Xoloplastics® will use the digital file to produce the reproductions, either as a sublimated print or as a sculpture.

  • The sale price of the reproductions will be defined together with the curatorial team and the artist.

*Images can be in low resolution and/or with a watermark if the artist wishes.


Selected artists will be contacted by email the first week of June 2024.

Open Call Format

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Thank you!

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