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  • Which charity will receive the donations? How will the money be used?
    Xoloplastics is a non-profit project that promotes community development, social inclusion and recycling through the creation of unique pieces of art. Together with our parent NGO (Imaginalco), we support the social integration of youth at risk. To learn more about what we do you can go to our websites: In response to the COVID-19 crisis we have created a specific relief program to support families in Mexico that have been affected by this pandemic. You can read about the details of this program HERE.
  • How much of the proceeds are being donated to charity?
    The majority of the proceeds will be donated to Xoloplastics, however we believe all artists deserve remuneration for their work so each artist will retain 30% of the sale, with the remaining 70% being donated to the charity.
  • Where are the plastic tiles sourced from?
    Waste plastic is collected from the streets of the communities we support Mexico and turned into plastic tiles for use in the creation of works of art. This serves the dual purpose of educating people in the communities about the benefits of recycling while also providing a challenge to the artists involved in creating the artwork.
  • What criteria are being used to select artists?
    We encourage creatives from all backgrounds and styles to submit an application to work with us. Some aspects that will be taken into consideration are: Artistic quality Artistic record of the artist Gender balance and diversity
  • Who sits on the judging panel to select artists to work with Xoloplastics?
    The judging panel is made up of highly regarded artists, representatives from Xoloplastics and Soho House management team.
  • What are the criteria for the artwork - such as dimensions, average of the piece?"
    We believe in giving artists as much creative freedom as possible. Artists can take the recycled plastic tiles and cover, drill, paint or use them with any medium they would like, to create a unique piece of art. The only criteria we ask artists to keep in mind are: 1. There should be at least one tile showing the plastic in its "raw" state. 2. Due to space limitations at the venue, the largest artwork we can accommodate would be 150x150cm
  • What size are the plastic tiles? How many will each artist receive?
    The tiles are 10x10x14cm. Each artist will receive around 44 tiles.
  • What color are the tiles?
    Artists will receive a mixture of white, black and gray tiles to unify the different artistic styles. However artists are encouraged to be as creative as they want to be adding texture and colors to the tiles.
  • Can I modify the shape of the tiles?
    Yes, artist can use the tiles however they would like to, they can cut, drill, reshape, cover or color the tiles to fit their artistic vision.
  • Will Xoloplstics provide the canvas or do the artists need to source their own materials?
    Except for the plastic tiles, artists will source their own materials to create the artworks., To afford the artists maximum creative freedom, we believe it is best that artists' use materials and methods they wish to bring their artistic vision to life . We are of course happy to offer ideas and suppliers that can help facilitate the process.
  • What do artists need to provide for the pieces to make them suitable for hanging?
    All two-dimensional artwork must be Ready to Hang when you hand-deliver your work at the scheduled time at Soho House. “Ready to Hang” means the artwork must have all hardware installed for hanging on display at the exhibition.The hardware on the back of the artwork must consist of a wire attached to the frame between one-third or one-quarter of the way down the sides of the piece so it lays flat against the wall. Do not use saw-tooth hangers or other hanging methods. No artwork will be displayed on an easel unless it is part of the artwork.If your artwork requires a different presentation or hanging method, please contact us and we are happy to discuss. Exceptions can be made only if it is intentional, necessary, and approved by the organizers.We require this so that the exhibition as a whole looks professional, coherent and inviting. Thoughtful framing & presentation are just as important as the artwork itself. We appreciate and respect your work and have these rules to ensure they are viewed in the best manner possible.
  • How will the items be sold?
    We will hold the exhibition at Soho House, Hong Kong for three days in July 2020. We are working hard on organizing some exciting events around the exhibition to make sure we attract collectors and galleries that may be interested in investing on this unique pieces.
  • What happens if my work is not sold?
    Artworks that do not sell will be returned to the artists.
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