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Marcel Heijnen is a visual artist, designer and musician. Originally from the Netherlands, Asia has been his home since 1992. Marcel's creativity is driven by a general curiosity about life and its meaning. He currently uses photography as the main medium for his art, exploring its boundaries in a quest for beauty and expression that goes beyond realism, but gets perhaps a little closer to truth. Over the past few years he has had solo exhibitions at Month of Photography Asia, Vue Privée and Galeri Utama. He has participated in numerous group shows and the Affordable Art Fairs in both Singapore and Hong Kong. He is represented by Eduard Planting Gallery in Amsterdam and his works are on display at several GOD outlets in Hong Kong.


Group exhibition at GOD PMQ, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Garage Dogs Book Launch & Exhibition, GOD Hong Kong
Post No Bills, exhibition only PolyU School of Design, Hong Kong

Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong
Chinese Whiskers exhibition, Yu Lok Lane, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Market Cats Book Launch & Exhibition, GOD Hong Kong
Kunstrai Art Fair, Eduard Planting Gallery, Amsterdam


Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong
Chinese Whiskers Book Launch & Solo Exhibition, Blue Lotus Gallery, Hong Kong
PAN Art Fair, Eduard Planting Gallery, Amsterdam




Lot. 006


This work features a single photograph taken at a Hong Kong tram stop last year. The energetic texture is actually a result of cleaning up some graffiti. An edit, an ‘overwrite’. I’ve combined this with the Chinese character “征”, which means ‘Expedition’, ‘To Conquer’. These days we are so overwhelmed with information that it’s hard to tell what is fact and what is fiction. As we are generally more sensitive to fictitious stories than facts, there’s an effective Quest going on in today’s world, a Quest for our attention, and subsequent action, or inaction. As Yuval Noah Harari says: we are being hacked. What is real, what is fake, and more importantly: what really matters?



Archival photo print and recycle plastic tile on Dibond panel


Estimate: HKD 30,000-35,000

Current Bid: HKD 18,000

"Good art generally creates thought(and emotion)-provoking triggers. Sustainability and the human relationship to our environment and fellow earthlings are big important themes that need continuous  push for attention and urgency in that."

-Marcel Heijnen

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