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Maite Pereda

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Maite was born in Mexico City, where she now lives and works.​​

Her work by Ella is based on the exploration and understanding of the use of color as a tool to create a stronger connection between the viewer and the work displayed. Having her interest in color arise from the common ground that exists between her personal experiences with the use of color within the Mexican culture and the effects of color she perceives from her personal artistic practice, she tries to use her work as a way to get familiar with both the far-reaching capabilities of color and its resourcefulness when transforming everyday scenarios into desirable realities. As her practice of her has been developing, she has continuously incorporated and simplified the idea of architectural shapes. The opportunity for objects to be defined by the simple outline of the flat colors that fill them paired with angular geometric devices has become integral to her practice. She has become increasingly captivated by the intensified sensation of placelessness that floods the compositions and transforms an everyday scene into a puzzling sight that stops the image from being simply an admirable image into a visually engrossing experience.


2018-2021 BA(Hons) Fine Art, Central Saint Martins (UAL), London

2020 Exchange, École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts (ENSBA), Paris

2017-2018 Foundation Diploma, Camberwell College of the Arts (UAL), London


2022, "Melt Club at the Ostrich", The Ostrich, UK

2022, "Action!", Galleria Merlino, Italy

2021, “What have we done?”, Lethaby Gallery, London

2021, “Melt Club”, Chrom Gallery, London

2021, “Central Saint Martins Degree Show”

2021, “Graduate Showcase”, S&P Gallery”, London

2021, “Works from Home”, Hundred Years Gallery, London

2021, “First in, First Out”, Protein Studios, London

2021, “Open Satellites” CSM open studios, Online

2020, “Tate Exchange (SALE)”, Tate Modern, London

Lot No. 36 

"4 Tonos de azul"

Recycled polypropylene canvases on a wooden frame.

25 x 25 x 3 cm each

APPRAISAL: $18,000.00MXN



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