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At Xoloplastics we are convinced that art connects us with our most human side, opens minds and leads us to reflect, question, feel and live.

We want this to be the means by which we come to give value to a material (plastic) that has given us so many possibilities and that for many years has made life easier for us. We know that the solution is not to stop producing or consuming it, but to reuse it and look for creative and sensitive ways to give it a second life and prevent it from contaminating our planet.

For the third time we are organizing an auction, where we summon artists so that through their languages they help us grow the positive impact and reach the most sensitive side of the viewer.



Starts: 20 September 12:00pm 

Closes: 20 October 12:00pm


26 October 2023

Doors open at  6:30pm

Auction starts at 7:30pm 

Tickets: $250mxn per person

*Limited tickets


C. Ignacio Pérez Sur 28, El Carrizal, 76030 Santiago de Querétaro, Qro.


Adrian Guerrrero, Alba, Aldo Chaparro, Ana Paula Fuentes, Ane Alfeiran, Ari Ruiz Lang, Ariel Orozco, Damian Suarez, Edgar Rojas, Enrique Pichardo, Fernando Pizarro,

Ilán Dana, Isabel Corral, Isabel Leñero, Juan Aceves, Maite Pereda, Maricarmen Chávez, Marcela Rosado, Pato Marin, Perla Krauze, Ray Smith, Colectivo Xoloplastics

More than 20 international artists participate in this edition.
Each artist will create a unique work of art with recycled plastic triangles provided by Xoloplastics, these will be exhibited at Orbita Co Works Queretaro.

The collection will debut in an online auction on Friday, October 13, 2023. The exhibition will conclude with a live auction of exclusive pieces organized by auctioneer Roberto Gonzalez, on the night of October 26, accompanied by a cocktail full of surprises.