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Isabel Lenero

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Painting is for Isabel Leñero the possibility of inhabiting the present. It is her context, her reference embodies a perpetual present that questions her. Her language is permeated by contemporaneity, by new currents and new forms of cultural and social manifestation: "Through painting I think of the world. It is a broad and infinite language that has lightness and tension." The decade of the eighties constituted the formative period of the artist; In 1981 she entered the National School of Plastic Arts at UNAM, where she took classes with Gilberto Aceves Navarro and the sculptor Gerda Gruber. She was part of the intermediate generation made up of Gabriel Orozco, Paloma Torres, Javier Marín.

Her most recent exhibitions are Musas, Museo de Arte de Sonora, Max Museo de Antropología de Xalapa, La conquista de las flores at the Instituto México in Madrid, Spain and The Promise of the Image at the Museo de la Ciudad de México.


• Collection of the Museum of Art of Sonora muses.
• Private collection of Juan Antonio Pérez Simón.
• Collection of the Tecnológico de Monterrey.
• Friends of the Museum of Modern Art Collection.


Instagram: @isabel_lenero_arte

Lot No. 13 


Pigments on xolocanvas

recycled polypropylenes.


APPRAISAL: $68,000.00MXN



Other works

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