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Juan Aceves

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Juan Aceves, son and heir of the great master Gilberto Aceves Navarro, cultivates a figurative expressionism that gives prominence to the profusion of color, its variety and intensity, as well as a texture that covers a dilated arc from an almost invisible subtlety, identified with glazes, until a thick, cumulative unctuousness, which imposes a notorious materialism on the final result. Anonymous figures usually prowl the geography of the canvas, reflecting themselves, becoming shadows, spectators, who glimpse some event located from the pictorial ground outside the confines of the composition. Absence and anguish triumph, perhaps curiosity.

Juan Aceves was trained in art by osmosis, despite himself, he always breathed it. Drawing for a long time, he paints and assembles in silence, with humility, he just begins to show his work. He comes, then, from afar, after dedicating himself for decades to another form of creation: the recording of images and their sounds, from reality in its plurality to animation, through photography and audiovisual media. He lives in a perennial transit, he moves incessantly between Mexico and New York...

Dr. Luis Ignacio Sainz

Lot No. 16 

"Vamos a Ver"

Rescued lenses in a metal structure with a motor and recycled polyethylene plates


APPRAISAL: $135,000.00MXN


CURRENT BID: $68,000.00MXN

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