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Ilan Dana

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I approach every gesture as a vehicle of philosophical exploration. An artist must leave a body of work that represents an intellectual legacy, not just a pictorial one.


It is necessary to recycle, recycle ourselves, like breathing: inhale and exhale content. The arbitrary, the alien does not apply. Working with a pattern of humility is a requirement to discover.


The universe is made up of layers. Both the physical and the mental are assembled in this way. Each consideration, experience, decision of an individual composes a new layer of his truth that gives him reference and gives flatness to his future, to his past. In my painting, I pay tribute to this structure by working each piece in multiple thin stages, thus achieving a thick visual texture without physical bulk. The current world of communication claims that we interact and react only in a first basic layer of reality; it is my job to unmask more essential elements to invite and inspire the public to break with this custom and go deeper into their human orientation.

The curved language of the leading figures in my paintings is a reference to spontaneous biological habits. Although geometry governs the universe in behavior (patterns), an angle rarely appears in nature: it is always fresh and daring. Furthermore, the microcosm resembles the macrocosm, this emphasizes the importance of participating in deciphering the essence and human role in this celestial ecosystem. We are all everything.

Lot No. 18 

"Opinion created dimensions"

Recycled polyethylene canvas on wood


APPRAISAL: $45,000.00MXN


CURRENT BID: $22,500.00MXN

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