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Marcela  Rosado

2023 Marcela Rosado.jpg

Originally from Mexico City, I have dedicated most of my life to the plastic arts.

With studies in Graphic Design, I have specialized in painting, sculpture, and ceramics, and a constant and continuously evolving activity has led me to exhibit individually and collectively in Mexico, the United States, and Europe without interruption since 1992. I have participated in various national and international plastic competitions and my work can be found in private collections, museums and galleries.

My work moves between the abstract and the figurative, with an unmistakable free and organic identity with an easily recognizable personal style, be it in my canvases, sculptures or ceramic pieces.

I enjoy collecting and collecting natural objects - it's part of my essence, I find myself always searching as if I were going to find a treasure. Even when they are not alive and have lost their color, I am fascinated by what nature itself has worn away over time because it reveals what is inside. I amuse myself by discovering forms, both simple and intricate in the skeletons of cacti, fibers of dried nopales, pods and seeds, branches and roots. The most important thing in my creative process is observation and search, finding aesthetic value in those objects that attract me, excite me and surprise me. I find beauty where maybe someone else would see trash; I take the best of objects, I translate and represent them in each work, combining their characteristics or distorting them, giving them new color and life.

Lot No. 6 


Recycled polyethylene canvas


APPRAISAL: $30,000.00MXN


CURRENT BID: $15,000.00MXN

Other works

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