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Isabel Corral

Isabel Corral

Graduated in Graphic Design from the Universidad Iberoamericana Her professional experience was developed in the area of design and at the same time in the plastic arts: painting and sculpture.

Her work is a permanent exploration of materials, a search for the technical possibilities of ceramics and sculpture. Ceramics, her passion in recent years, combines all these possibilities and allows her to make figurative pieces that suddenly, during the constant dialogue that is working with clay, become abstract. The concrete goes hand in hand with the mystical, the abstract; technical mastery coexists with intuition.

She is always looking for new languages that can transmit a mystical vision, a reinterpretation of the origins.

Lote No. 10 

"Luz de residuos"

Framed recycled polyethylene plates

60x40cm each

APPRAISAL: $16,000.00MXN



Lote No. 37


Placas de polietilenos reciclados enmarcados


AVALÚO: $12,000.00MXN



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