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Aldo Chaparro

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Contemporary artist from Peru, whose work focuses mainly on sculpture, design and architecture, known especially for his sculptures made of stainless steel. He currently lives and works between Mexico City, Monterrey, New York, Los Angeles, Lima, Madrid and Paris with his famous Aparadores.

In addition to his work as an artist, Aldo Chaparro has also been an editor and art director. As director of Grupo Celeste, he produced more than 40 contemporary art and fashion publications from 2000 to 2012, including Celeste and baby baby, two of the most influential contemporary art and culture publications. His work has been collected by personalities such as Doménico de Sole (Ex-CEO of GUCCI and CEO of Tom Ford) Simón de Pury, Helga de Alvear and Pierre Huber and has been exhibited in historical sites such as Palazzo Pamphilj, Agrippa's Pantheon, the church of Santa Clara and the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, as well as galleries and museums around the world and fairs such as Art BAsel Miami, ARCO, Art Dubai and Zona Maco.

Selected Public & Private Collections

Peruvian North American Cultural Institute (ICPNA) / Collection (Lima – Peru).

Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) / Collection (Lima – Peru).

Sinaloa Museum of Art (MASIN) / Collection (Culiacan – Mexico).

The Jumex Foundation / Collection (Mexico).

     The Coppel Collection (Mexico).

     The CIFO – Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (Miami – U.S.).

     The Helga of Alvear Foundation (Cáceres – Spain).

     Simon de Pury (London – UK).

     Douglas Baxter's Collection (New York – U.S.).

     Domenico de Sole, (Hilton Head, U.S.

     Guler Sabanci, (Istanbul, Turkey).

     Pierre Huber Collection, (Switzerland).

     Museum of Contemporary Art Lima, (Lima, Peru).

     Perez Art Museum Miami (Miami, U.S.)


Instagram: @aldochaparrostudios


Lot No. 30 

"Sin Titulo"

Canvases made of recycled polypropylene and spray paint, mounted on glass with a wooden frame.

83 x 83 x 3cm

A: $87,000.00MXN


CURRENT BID: $43,500.00MXN

Other works

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