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Damian Suarez

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Damián's life has developed in different countries of Latin America after leaving his native Venezuela.

Chile Argentina and Mexico currently represent the main cultural influences, from which he has developed a language that links his sense of belonging to the region, work discipline, scientific research or Op-art.

His work consists of making optical art using threads of tens of kilometers in each painting, the threads are wound on wood, building fundamental geometric compositions, where color and shape are closely observed, combining the environment to generate optical illusions or transitions of color. color to persuade and discover the hundreds of thousands of threads that are always part of something bigger and more complex as an emerging phenomenon.



Light Phenotype:
Mannach Space, CDMX, 2015.

Light Genotype:
1st Edition; Mannach Space, CDMX, 2017.
2nd edition; Pandea, Puebla, 2017.

Subconscious Language:
1st Edition; FBO Acapulco Airport, Mexico, 2017.
2nd Edition; Pavillion, Madrid, Spain, 2018.
3rd Edition; Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, USA.

The Ethological Being
1st Edition; Gabriel García Márquez Cultural Center, Mexican Culture Fund in Colombia, Bogotá, Col, 2019.
2nd Edition; CAM Gallery, CDMX, 2019.
3rd Edition; Pandea, Puebla, 2019.

The Shape of Color
1st Edition; Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, USA. March 2020.
2nd Edition; Gardens of Mexico, CDMX. 2020. (To celebrate).


Instagram: @aldochaparroestudios


Lote No. 9 

"Sin Título"

Chopped yarn, yarn pressed on wood and recycled polypropylene canvases.

Mounted in frame with glass.


APPRAISAL: $123,000.00MXN


CURRENT BID: $62,000.00MXN

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