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Adrian Guerrero

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Self-taught ceramicist. Adrián Guerrero's work denotes a constant search to analyze human perception based on the field of philosophy from different levels, discovering new reflections and re-signifying what seems to be common to us. His reflections and processes start from the simple, from the surprise of the small and the everyday. It is possible to interpret his trajectory as an ellipse that returns permanently although renewed to the path traveled, taking up and reinterpreting concerns that have become a constant in his work: time, spatial relationships and the phenomenology of things in themselves. Without neglecting his passion for ceramics in his different techniques, he creates pieces, objects and installations with various materials and supports such as photography and video, drawing, sculpture and painting. His work is part of collections such as the Louis Vuitton Foundation, the Manises Ceramics Museum (Valencia, Spain), CERCO (Aragon, Spain), the University of Guadalajara MUSA Collection (Jalisco, Mexico) and the Zapopan Art Museum (Jalisco, Mexico). From 2004 to date there have been numerous exhibitions, both individual and collective, in different cities of the Mexican Republic, as well as in Spain and the United Kingdom. United States, Venezuela, Singapore, Korea, Italy and the Dominican Republic.

Lot No. 3 

"Construcciones Plasticas"

Recycled polypropylene canvas on wood

32 x 24 x 10.5 cm each

APPRAISAL: $65,000.00MXN


CURRENT BID: $32,500.00MXN

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